Blaine’s Journey

Blaine has suffered the crippling symptoms of Lyme over the past two years. He is currently disabled and can no longer maintain the business that supports him and his 12 year old son. Pain has become a constant in his life. Not only has it taken away his career as a potter but, as a single father, it has made it difficult for him to enjoy his son, Judson.

Because of the late diagnosis, Blaine’s symptoms are considered chronic and require treatment beyond that of a primary care physician. Lyme is often a mysterious illness. The symptoms and treatments can vary from person to person and sometimes finding the right treatment can be very difficult. It is generally not covered by insurance. Specialists are hard to find and therapies are expensive.

Over the past couple of years Blaine has seen countless doctors in an effort to find a diagnosis. In the summer of last year he finally had blood work that tested positive for Lyme. He is currently under the care of Dr. Joseph Jemsek, a well known Lyme specialist now located in Washington DC. He sees Dr. Jemsek as well as some local specialists and therapists, including a neurologist a Duke.

Dr. Jemsek has explained that the recovery time may be as long as another year or more, however, the prescribed antibiotics have not seemed to help and his condition continues to worsen.

Blaine applied for SSI Disability a year ago and has recently been denied. An appeal could take another year and require the expense of a lawyer.

Currently, Blaine is unable to pay the mortgage and upkeep on the property he’s worked his whole life to build and maintain. It’s his home, studio and gallery and we’d like to help him keep it.