Auction Items

Below is a list of people who have donatated items to be auctioned, and a slideshow of many of those pieces. Thanks to all! More to come so check back regularly.

If you can’t make it to the auction in person but still want to bid on something, you are in luck! Absentee bids will be taken over the phone through Friday evening at 9pm. Please call one of these numbers to register your bid:

Cedar Creek Gallery 919-528-1041 10am – 6pm
Auction Coordinator 919-656-0271 9am – 9pm
Auction Coordinator 919-414-8950 9am – 9pm


Adrian Gilliam – Framed Original photo
Adrienne Dellinger – Pottery Pitcher
Alan Bennett – Pottery
Alexa Modderno, Seagrove Stoneware Pottery & Inn – One Night Air B&B in Seagrove
Allen Davis – Wooden Cutting Boards
Amy Sanders – Ceramic Bowl
Anne Parta and Adam Landman – Pottery
Antoinette Gaskins Mattingly – Pottery Pitcher
Audrey Courtney – Ceramic Sculpture
Barb Higgins – Pottery Plates
Ben Owen – Pottery Vase
Ben Owen III – Pottery
Benjamin and Bonnie Burns, Great White Oak Pottery
Betty McKim
Bill Gramley – Framed painting
Bill Hickman – Metal Sculpture
Bill Newton – Stacking Pottery Mugs
Bill Wallace – Turned Wooden Bowl
Blaine Avery – Pottery Bowl from Cedar Creek Gallery Collection
Bobbie Thomas, Thomas Pottery – Turtle Sculpture with Book
Bonnie Burns – Pottery
Brad Tucker – Pottery
Bruce Gholson, Bulldog Pottery – Pottery
Cagel Road Pottery – Pottery Plate
Calico Creates – Hanging Cork Planter
Carter McCaffrey – Stoneware Pitcher
Chad Brown – Pottery
Charlie Teft – Ceramic Platter
Chris Luther Pottery – Pottery Teapot
Church and Maple – Glass Bowl
Cindy Aldrich – Stoneware Bowl
Cindy Reed – Ceramic Bowl
Cindy Snow and Tink Young – Jewelry
Colleen Adair – Ceramic Covered Pot
Cooper Mays Pottery – Several Pottery Pieces
Daltons Pottery – Pottery
Dan Triece, Dirtworks Pottery – 3 Pottery Pieces
David Garner, Turn and Burn Pottery – Ceramic Vase
David Ross – Ceramic Platters
David Stuempfle – Stoneware Pottery
Dean and Martin Pottery – Pottery
Deborah Harris – Ceramic Teapot, Creamer Sugar Set
Diane Ness – Wearable Items
Dieghton Abrams – Ceramic Vases
Donna Craven – Stoneware Jug
Doug Dotson – 3 Pottery Pieces
Doug Gilliam – Wood Fired Pottery Bowl, Stoneware Jar
Dover Pottery, Fiva and Milly McCanless – Pottery
Eck McCanless – Pottery
Ed and Kate Coleman — Ceramic Tray
Edge Barnes – Raku Sculpture
Edwina Bringle – Hand Woven Pillow
Elizabeth Paley – Ceramic Vase
Elizabeth Reynolds – Ceramics
Elk McCanless – Ceramic Vase
Ellison Goodwin – Ceramic Sculpture
Emily Weinstein – Art/gift book
Erica Stankwytch Bailey – Earrings
Erin Janow – Ceramic Tray Set
Frank Neef Pottery – Pottery
Fred Johnson – Stoneware Vase
Freeman Beard – Watercolor
Freeman Clayworks – Pottery Place-setting
Gary Childs – Ceramic Vase
Gary Fuquay – Pottery Tray
Geoff Lloyd – Pottery
George McKim – Painting
Gillian Parke – Ceramic Mug
Gertrude Graham Smith – Pottery Mug
Greg Scott – Stoneware Pitcher
Gretchen Quinn – Functional Ceramics
Hayley Davison Furniture – Wooden Table
Harry Seng – Pottery
Hitome Shibata – Ceramic Bowl
Janet Taylor – Scarf
Jason Janow – Ring, Necklace
Jay Medors – Wooden Tray
Jeff Dean – Pottery Vase
Jennifer Mecca – Pottery
Jennifer Stas – Pottery
Jerry Leader – Blown Glass
Jim Lux – Ceramic Bottle
Joan Twedy – Potter Bowl
Joe Sink – Pottery Dinnerware
Joe Winter – Ceramic Vase
John Britt – Pottery Bowl
John Ferraris – Pottery Face Jug
John Martin – Pottery
Joy Zen – Gift Certificate to Ajisai Japanese Fusion Restaurant
Judith Duff – Pottery
Jugtown Pottery – Jugtown Book and Pottery Jug
Juliana Trugoso – 3 day airbnb stay in Raleigh
Julie Olson – Ceramic Box
Kary Haun – Pottery Bowl
Katherine Pasco – Ceramic Fairy House Lamp
Kathy Steinsberger – Pot thrown by Cynthia Bringle and Decorated by Kathy.
Kathy Steinsberger – Handmade Book
Kaye Hare – Framed Photograph
Kelly O’Briant – Ceramic Salt and Pepper Set
Kelsey Schissel – Ceramic Vases
Kenneth Neilsen – Pottery Vase
Kim Church – Novel
Kimberly Kirchstein – Hand Dyed Silk Scarf
Larry Lean – 2D Art
Lea Decker – Ceramic Birdhouse
Leopold Designs – Hand Dyed Silk
Levi Mahan, Levi Mahan Pottery – Pottery
Linda Dalton – Pottery Jar
Linda Marcuson – Pottery Bowl
Lisa Oakley – Blown Glass Pieces
Loren Lukens – Pottery Teapot
Lynn Morrow – Pottery Platter
Maggie Jones, Turtle Island Pottery – Pottery Bowl
Maria Fermin-Dodd – Ceramic Sculpture
Marianne Donohue – Handmade Pillow
Marilyn and Sandy Palsha – 3 Pottery Pieces
Marina Bosetti Tile Work – Framed Ceramic Tile
Mark Ferri – Pottery Teapot
Mark Hewitt – Pottery
Marc Tickle – Kaleidoscope
Marla Ainspan – Necklace
Marsha Owen – Pottery
Marti Mocahbee – Necklace
Marty Fielding – Pottery Vase
Mary Beth Bonforth – Pottery Bowl
Mary Ferrell, Westmoore Pottery – Ceramic Platter
Matt Neel – Wooden Box
Meghan Bernard – Ceramic Vases
Megan Lee – Ceramic Plates
Megan Olson – Chair Massages Day of Event
Marguerite Jay Gignoux – Fabric Tote Bag
Michael Kline – Ceramic Mug
Michael Mahan, From The Ground Up Pottery – Pottery
Mike Hamlin – Ceramic Bottle
Molly Dingledine – Earrings
Molly Pasca – Pottery
Nancy Lerner – Item from Her Collection
Neal O’Briant – Pottery Casserole
Owens Pottery – Pottery
Pat Oakley – Pottery from Her Collection
Paul Ray – Stoneware Platter
Peggy Pitz – Ceramic Figurine
Pringle Teetor – Glass Vase
Rachel Smith – Pottery Jar
Randy Hinson = Ceramic Tray
Randall Marcuson – Wooden Bowl
Richard Montgomery – Pottery Teapot
Rick Malmgram – Teapot
Riggs Pottery – Pottery
Rob Levin – Blown Glass Form
Robert Milnes – Ceramic bowl
Rosemary Peduzzi – Handmade Book
Roxane Lessa – Fiber Art
Rusty Sieck – Ceramic Covered Jar
Sandra McEwen – Earrings
Sarah Sheffield – Paintings
Sid Oakley – Porcelain Crystalline Vase
Stanbury – $50 Gift Certificate
Stephanie Martin – Ceramic Platter
Susan Filley – Pottery
Susan Green – Pottery Teapot
Tarzan Kitchen – $75 Gift Certificate
Taste – $50 Gift Certificate
Tim Cherry – Ceramic Covered Pot
Tim Turner – Pottery Tray
Tom Gray – Pottery
Tres Ramirez – Turned Wooden Bowl
Turn and Burn Pottery – Pottery
Uwharrie Pottery – Pottery Vase
Warren MacKenzie – Pottery Vase donated by Amy Axon and Anne Renner-Evans
Westmore Pottery – Pottery Plates
Xena Electra Ceramics – Set of Pottery Mugs
Zan Barnes – Ceramic Vase